Growth Groups

We are so excited to announce that Growth Groups will begin on October 1, 2017!

What are growth groups?

Our new ministry of Growth Groups will consist of at-home Bible study groups that will meet for 10-week sessions (there will be three sessions in a year from Fall to Spring, with a break for Summer). Group leaders will choose a curriculum on any topic they wish to go through, and people may sign up to join to learn about the topic that most interests them. Each group will meet on different days of the week at different homes (or at church), and all of this will be determined by the Growth Group leaders. 

Each session will consist of 10 weeks, meaning that groups will change every session. There will be different leaders and different groups. Because of this, leaders are able to lead one session and take a break the next session to attend a group. 

Session 1: October 1, 2017-December 10, 2017

Session 2: January 7, 2018-March 11, 2018

Session 3: April 8, 2018-June 10, 2018

Growing in Spirit

Our desire is to grow together in Spirit by seeking what the Bible says about different issues that we face every single day. We hope that you will not only learn from Scripture, but your faith will grow through discussions and questions that may be asked in the group. 

Growing in community

We also desire for our community to not only grow inward (grow closer together as a church), but also outward (be added to daily, Acts 2:47). We love growing together on Sunday mornings, but Growth Groups are modeled closely to the Acts 2 church to allow for better community building.