Growth Groups

Our next session is January 7-March 11, 2018!

What are growth groups?

Our new ministry of Growth Groups will consist of at-home Bible study groups that will meet for 10-week sessions (there will be three sessions in a year from Fall to Spring, with a break for Summer). Group leaders will choose a curriculum on any topic they wish to go through, and people may sign up to join to learn about the topic that most interests them. Each group will meet on different days of the week at different homes (or at church), and all of this will be determined by the Growth Group leaders. 

Each session will consist of 10 weeks, meaning that groups will change every session. There will be different leaders and different groups. Because of this, leaders are able to lead one session and take a break the next session to attend a group. 

Fall Quarter 2017: Week of January 7, 2018 - Week of March 11, 2018

Be anxious for nothing

We spend a lot of our days being busy and it takes a toll on us. We are reminded that there is always so much to do, but God didn't want it to be like this for us. Based on the book by Max Lucado, we will be studying what it looks like to rely on God in the midst of anxiety and stress. 


SUNDAYS AT 7PM (6pm if you bring your dinner and eat together)

LOCATION: 5931 Short ST, Yorba Linda, CA 92886

START DATE: January 7, 2018

END DATE: March 11, 2018

being the church

If you're like most people, you have serious questions about the church. Even "seasoned" believers sometimes wonder what the church is all about, and how they are supposed to interact with it. What does Jesus say about it? Do I have to do more than just go? What is God's vision for how people get along? In this 12-session course, learn God's heart for you and the church with illustrations from trusted leaders like Rick Warren, G.K. Chesterton, and Philip Yancey. 

LED BY STEPHEN TRAPP and natalie dortignac


LOCATION: sunny hills church youth room

START DATE: january 9, 2018

END DATE: march 13, 2018

god and games

God created us to not only be in relationship with Him, but also to have fun! Through different games and activities, we will be studying the Bible and growing in faith. Laughing and learning is what we plan to do here, and playing games is how we do it. 

LED BY Karen clark and alyssa hendrickson

thursdays AT 7PM

LOCATION: 2955 E Ruby Dr. Apt E, Fullerton, CA 92831

START DATE: january 11, 2018

END DATE: march 15, 2018

Connecting with god and family

If you would like to build and strengthen your relationship with God and others, then come to the "Connecting with God and Family" group. As we encounter life joys and challenges during our life  stages and experiences, our "connections" to God and family bring purpose and meaning to life. 

Join us Saturday evenings at 6:00 pm at the home of David and Lurie Royal for dinner and growth group, and for those who would like to stay later, games or movie time. We will use the book, "The Purpose Driven Life" as a guide for our group.

LED BY david and lurie royal

saturdays AT 6PM

LOCATION: 1359 E Meda St., Glendora, CA 91741

START DATE: january 13, 2018

END DATE: march 17, 2018


Growing in Spirit

Our desire is to grow together in Spirit by seeking what the Bible says about different issues that we face every single day. We hope that you will not only learn from Scripture, but your faith will grow through discussions and questions that may be asked in the group. 

Growing in community

We also desire for our community to not only grow inward (grow closer together as a church), but also outward (be added to daily, Acts 2:47). We love growing together on Sunday mornings, but Growth Groups are modeled closely to the Acts 2 church to allow for better community building.